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Bro Oni Chapter 11
It’s a Bro Thing
“Do you have any idea what this means?” Toby asked, motioning to the red numbers on the piano.
“I had help with this on my play through.” Felix admitted, staring blankly at the numbers 176.
“Sorry, Toby. I played HetaOni, not AoOni.” TheYuseiFan apologized. “If we’re lucky, maybe we can reach one of the others’ cell phones.”
“Kendall might know what to do.” Chocolateroyalcookie offered.
“Only Strike knows her number though.” Dima sighed.
“And Grey.” Jennifer pointed put.
“Who’s Grey?” CaptainSparklez asked, more than a little confused by everything that was going on.
“Purple’s husband.” ZGMF explained, grinning.
“Can’t we just call Strike?” Toby sighed exasperatedly.
“Working on it.” Felix responded, phone against his ear.
“Can you see if Pur
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Mature content
Bro Oni Chapter 10 :iconx-10afreedom:X-10AFreedom 0 0
Something from English Class!!
Winston looked up with his tired eyes, watching the birds fly by.
“Where I?” he wondered aloud quietly.
Walking through the grass, he wandered aimlessly until the outline of a castle in the distance caught his attention. Running was painful due to his varicose ulcer on his leg having reappeared recently so Winston walked as fast as his old body would let him. One of the birds noticed the old man hurrying toward the castle and began flying down towards him, upset by something. A boy on one of the parapets spotted the bird flying down towards the frail looking old man and hurried down, hoping he could beat it to him. The brunette boy ran in his heavy armor, racing to beat the growing bird to the old man for he knew that was no bird. It was a dragon, and not one he knew. That could only mean one thing. It had to be a rider of Paragory.
        “Run!” Aidan yelled as he drew closer to Winston.
        Looking up Winston noticed th
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Bro Oni Chapter 9
Chapter 9
-Don’t Worry About it, Cry-
“Stop worrying Cry. You’re psyching yourself out.” Kris sighed.
“How can I not worry? We’re in AoOni and we split up like its Scooby-Doo!” Ryan yelled.
“Don’t worry about it, Cry. Everything will be okay.” Felix reassured. “After a few puzzles and jump scares we’ll be out of here.”
“And what if we don’t Pewds? What if we end up like Mika, Takeshi, and Takuro?”  Cry asked. “Answer me damn you!”
“Calm down Ryan, you’re going paranoid. Shhh..........” Strike whispered soothingly. “We’ll get out of here, I promise. We’re all gonna make it out alive. All we have to do is find Kendall and the others as well as the front door key and we’ll be out of here.”
“Can’t we use the front door?” Toby asked, pointing at the front door.
“It’s locked. We have to find the key t
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Bro Oni Chapter 8
Chapter 8
-Captain’s Worries-
“Okay. But if you see anyone in there you need to lock the door, okay?” Jennifer told him.
“Deal.” Dima chuckled, walking over to the room across the hall.
He looked over his shoulder and watched his friend walk into the piano room before opening the door. When he saw someone in the room he remembered Jennifer’s warning and locked the door behind him. Walking over to to figure a floorboard creaked and the other person slashed out, green sword stopping an inch from his face.
“Don’t kill me.” the younger of the two whispered fearfully.
“Its just you.” Jordan sighed, lowering his sword. “I thought you were the monster there for a second. You should really-”
“Shhh!” ZGMF hissed sharply, cutting his friend off. Listening closely he heard it again, the creak of a floorboard outside the room and heavy footsteps approaching the room they were in. The door h
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BroOni Chapter 7
Chapter 7
“I’ll go into this room and you check out the piano room again, da?” Dima asked, pointing to the door across the hall from the room with the piano.
“Okay. But if you see anyone in there you need to lock the door, okay?” Jennifer answered.
“Deal.” ZGMF chuckled, walking over to the room across the hall.
Jennifer walked to the piano room and shut the door behind her. She walked over to the piano and looked at the bloody keys again. The door opened loudly and she froze. Turning slowly, chocolateroyalcookie saw the blueish monster walk into the room. He, like many others, ignored her presance and ignored her completely.
‘I’m a piano. I’m a piano. Imapiano. Imapianoimapianoimapianoimapianoimapiano!’ she thought, trying not to freak out.
Steve ignored her and walked over to the bookcase. He looked behind it and nodded before walking back out of the room. Jennifer collapsed to her kn
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BroOni Chapter 6
Chapter 6
-Corpse Parties-
They decided to split into groups, much to a certain blond’s dismay.
“This is just like Scooby-Doo! Do you know what happened in Corpse Party when Seiko and Naomi when they split up? Seiko died!” Ryan yelled angrily.
“Don’t worry about it, Cry.” Felix responded seriously. “We’ll get out of here alive.”
“Damn it, Pewds! Why can’t I believe that?” Cry growled in frustration.
“Then Toby, Felix, and I’ll have to stay with you to reassure you.” Strike smiled. “Jennifer, you and Dima go search the second floor. Kain, Damien, and Gray, you’ve got the third floor. Any questions?”
“Isn’t there a room with a fake door knob?” Freedom asked randomly.
“Yeah. I think its on the third floor.” the pale girl answered.
They all seperated into their groups and walked away to search for Purple, Jordan, and anyone else who had wander
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BroOni Chapter 5
Chapter 5
Kris was the first one to wake the next morning because of her sleep issues.
“Last to bed, first to rise, makes it hard to open your eyes.” She yawned.
The pale girl ran a hand through her discheveled brunette hair, stood up, and walked into the kitchen to start making breakfast. Ryan and Jennifer woke up after her first attempt burned.
“Really?” she asked no one.
“What happened?” Cry questioned, helping her get rid of the burned egg.
“Iggy moment.” Kris sighed.
Jennifer giggled and threw an orange at Strike. They made orange juice while Ryan cooked breakfast for everyone. Chocolateroyalcookie and Cry woke everyone up while Kris started cleaning the dishes.
“Crap.” she swore quietly, cleaning a knife.
“What happened?” Ryan asked.
“N-nothing!” Kris answered too quickly, running her hand under the cold water.
“You wouldn’t swear if everything was okay.”
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by Kiwa007

Even though you say its a lazy animation I still find this to be one of the most awesome things in the world. Pewds' facial expression ...


so i have a channel on YT now. the things i do for custom thumbnails.....

  • Listening to: Nightcore Moonlight Shadow
  • Reading: Marketing stuff
  • Watching: Karkat run across the screen :0)


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